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The San Francisco Bay Area area offers you many fantastic locations for unforgettable weddings.

Napa Valley is really a one of a kind area of Northern California. The lovely vineyards around Napa and Wine country generate an atmosphere that can't be replicated any place else in California. Compared to wedding ceremonies in San Francisco which normally involve traveling around the city for that perfect photographic location, in Napa Valley, you've got everything in one location.

Some of the vineyards are old and charming, others are modern and splendid. Several of the structures are spectacular modern day architecture and others are grand structures that give the feeling of being in a European location. Many carry the sensation of being in France, Italy, and others reflect several different European locales. Some of the wineries are encompassed by well-tended landscapes just made for wedding photographs. Some other wineries host fine art collections.

Sonoma is a fantastic place for your wedding. The beautiful wine country wineries as well as adjoining vineyards, the clear brilliant light of Napa’s Valley of the Moon all can make for wonderful wedding photographs. In this gorgeous area north of the San Francisco Bay Area there are tranquil misty mornings, brilliant midday sun, and deep, rich colored skies at sunset. During the night the sky is star-filled and the moon casts its mysterious light across your celebration.

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