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[edit] The Hammer Editor

[edit] Getting Started

[edit] General

[edit] Lighting

[edit] Connecting Areas

[edit] Detailing

[edit] Special Effects

[edit] Game-Specific Articles

Half-Life 2 Level Creation

Portal Level Creation

Team Fortress 2 Level Creation

Left 4 Dead Level Creation

Left 4 Dead 2 Level Creation

Counter-Strike: Source Level Creation

Day of Defeat: Source Level Creation

The Ship Level Creation 

Dark Messiah Level Creation 

Ricochet Level Creation

SiN Episodes Level Creation

Source Mods Level Creation

[edit] Finishing Up

[edit] Design Theory

[edit] Troubleshooting

[edit] External Links

  • Mapping Sites - sites about mapping, including tutorials, articles
  • General Sites - Sites covering a wide variety of topics including mapping
  • News Site List - A list of websites for hype/advertisement and discussion

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